Saturday, August 26, 2006

Andrés López!!!

We're usually last minute but we had to start planning on getting tickets for this. On October 15th at 7:00pm, Manjátan's Town Hall theatre will be invaded by a man who has moved the masses and created a stir in Latin America. His name is Andrés López (note to Issel: not AMLO jejeje!), the Colombian stand-up comedian who has become hugely popular with his routine and DVD "La Pelota de Letras" . We'll let Christian, an Andrés Fanatic, explain:

If you are thirty something, born and raised in South America, you probably remember the rubber-made pelota de letras: one of my favorite toys. It shared the toys baúl with Hulk, Disco Chino and the Donald Duck-headed Hippity Hop and traveled with me to the beach where it was lost and found several times. (I had the girly pinkish red but a more masculine greenish light blue was also available.)
Pionero of Colombian Stand Up Comedy Andrés López has come up with his own version: La Pelota de Letras Tricolor; a hilarious show and ingenious sociological approach on Colombian and Latin-American generations from our grandparents to our children. It is a must-see for those who understand Spanish and were raised in Latin America or by Latin-Americans, regardless of age.
Be aware of the effect it could have on your already severe "being-thirty-something" crisis as it might remind you of your buenos tiempos! But do not hesitate to take your ma and pa as they will love it too.
A DVD with the show can be purchased at, although you might want to join the half million people who have seen it ¡en vivo!

Off the road, Andrés shares his humor at Maíz-peis and he posts all of his fan mail in his own blog.


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